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Don’t believe the hype!  To prevent breakage, wash your hair regularly, schedule a regular hair trim, and use natural hair oils for the scalp and an all natural daily moisturizer. 

The next time you have a massage, don’t stop at the shoulders. A regular scalp massage produces natural oils and helps reduce dryness.

Shampooing and Conditioning
Shampoo every three to seven days to maintain the oil balance of your hair.  Always condition after shampooing and avoid products with alcohol.

Have your hair trimmed every three months to promote growth and to prevent split ends.

Hair Health & Growth
Remember, beauty starts from the inside.  Maintain a healthy diet and take your vitamins! Healthy hair growth needs Vitamins E, B, and C, beta carotene, omega-3-fatty acids, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, silica and more.

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