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Karline’s is more than a salon, it’s where the rubber meets the road, dedicated to making a difference in the community and in the lives of clients and their families.  

Chances are, many of you are among the more than 1 million Floridians living with, at risk of or affected by diabetes.  Karline’s Salon support of diabetes awareness began in 2005 as a single fundraising event for the local chapter of the American Diabetes Association and Divabetic, a national nonprofit organization inspired by the late, Grammy Award-winning artist, Luther Vandross. We were honored to have Luther’s mother, the late Mary Ida Vandross and friend, Max Szadek, the founder of Divabetic, record a commercial to encourage diabetes prevention and management. The salon, in partnership with Divabetic and the Palm Beach County Health Department, regularly hosts Makeover Your Diabetes workshops.

For information on Divabetic, visit www.divabetic.org. For information on Karline’s Salon diabetes awareness programs and workshops, check this page regularly. 

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