Mane-ly on Monday: Detangling the Hair Debate


Mane: a reference to hair
Monday: the second day of a hair professional’s weekend

Even on a stylist’s day off, she – that would be me – is still thinking about your hair! Welcome to my Mane-ly Monday, a time and space for collective observations and opinions on all things hair: the trends, techniques, treatments, tools, environment and experience. This week, I want to add my two cents to an article I read entitled The Hair Debate. Here’s the excerpt that managed to ruffle my edges:

Hair has always been held in high regard.  Luscious and thick, silky and smooth – our hair defines us in more ways than we know.  But there have always been sides taken when it comes to African American hair.

At the center of the debate is relaxed versus natural hair.

The article goes into further detail on how to achieve both styles and acknowledges the amazing versatility of African American hair.

As a multicultural salon owner, hair professional and educator for nearly 20 years in West Palm Beach, let me detangle this debate. It is not a matter of relaxed versus natural. It is a debate, or as some clients would say, a struggle with proper care and maintenance. Whatever your type, texture or style preference and whatever your journey: relaxed, natural, weaves, extensions or wigs, the goal must be healthy hair. That is why I do what I do!

Read The Hair Debate at and vote in our poll below to let me know what strand you stand on. Here’s to a great week of healthy and happy hair!


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